Week of Program Title
Dec-02-2018 DL786 Three "Musts" You Can Trust
Nov-25-2018 DL785 Receive to Believe
Nov-18-2018 DL784 Attitudes for a Successful Life
Nov-11-2018 DL783 Come to the Light
Nov-04-2018 DL782 Light and Life to All He Brings
Oct-28-2018 DL781 In the Beginning
Oct-21-2018 DL780 Bad News–Good News
Oct-14-2018 DL779 The Turning Point of Human History
Oct-07-2018 DL778 God's Love: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe
Sep-30-2018 DL777 Look and Live!
Sep-23-2018 DL776 How Many Times Have You Been Born?
Sep-16-2018 DL775 The Third Temple Exists Today
Sep-09-2018 DL774 Jesus Saves the Best for Last
Sep-02-2018 DL773 Jesus: A Man's Man
Aug-26-2018 DL772 Look to the Lamb of God
Aug-19-2018 DL771 God's Promise to Provide
Aug-12-2018 DL770 John the Baptist: The Great I AM NOT
Aug-05-2018 DL769 Full of Grace and Truth
Jul-29-2018 DL768 Receive to Believe
Jul-22-2018 DL767 Jesus Christ is the SAME Forever!
Jul-15-2018 DL766 Light and Life to All He Brings
Jul-08-2018 DL765 In the Beginning
Jul-01-2018 DL764 I Love America 2017
Jun-24-1018 DL763 Offering the Sacrifice of Praise
Jun-17-2019 DL762 Eleanor Rigby: All the Lonely People
Jun-10-2018 DL761 Yesterday: What Do You Believe In?
Jun-03-2018 DL760 Let it Be
May-27-2018 DL759 Offering the Sacrifice of Praise
May-20-2018 DL758 Jesus Christ is the SAME Forever!
May-13-2018 DL757 God's Promise to Provide
May-06-2018 DL756 Putting Your Faith to Work
Apr-29-2018 DL755 The Unshakable Kingdom
Apr-22-2017 DL754 Don't Miss the Mountain!
Apr-15-2018 DL753 Step Out of the Shadows of Legalism
Apr-08-2017 DL752 The Three Appearances of Jesus
Apr-01-2018 DL751 What IF They Found the Bones of Jesus?
Mar-25-2018 DL750 The Brand of Christ (Lanny Bridges)
Mar-18-2018 DL749 Submitting to God's Sandpaper
Mar-11-2018 DL748 The Bible: Your Guide to Economic Freedom
Mar-04-2018 DL747 Can You Trust the Bible? Part 3
Feb-25-2018 DL746 Can You Trust the Bible? Part 2
Feb-18-2018 DL745 Can You Trust the Bible? Part 1
Feb-11-2018 DL744 God's Word Can Light Your Way
Feb-04-2018 DL743 Consider Him Who Endured
Jan-28-2018 DL742 The Race of Your Life
Jan-21-2018 DL741

Faith to Endure Tough Times

Jan-14-2018 DL740 Conquering Through Faith
Jan-7-2018 DL739 Moving Forward By Faith

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